Cinematic is as dead-on as any reasonable description for the fifty minute instrumental debut by Blackpool, England’s GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE. An adventurous, stunning piece of work, In A Forest Without Trees is an intricate mixture of progressive rock and atmospherics doused with an emotional to and fro that pulls and releases in all the right places. Balancing lush, minor landscapes of sound with big swathes of noisy, fire peaked crescendos, GNSD make the quieter bits sound every bit as compulsive as the explosive highlights. This is headphone music at its finest: swelling dynamics, colorful interludes, thick a fireworks display, only sometimes in slow motion.

Goonies Never Say Die are a five piece mixed genre rock band from the blustery holiday haven of Blackpool in England. Formed around Aug 2008, They are made up of Barry Parkinson on Guitar, Paul Kayley on Guitar, Dan Kerr on Drums, Jimi MacPhie on Piano and Michael Zubine on Bass, Live Visuals and Samples. Despite the serious sounding nature of the music and the genre they play within as a whole the band do not take themselves very seriously and despise po' faced pretentiousness often mocking it and themselves publicly and privately. The band feel the very nature of life is a series of low points and high points, the band name reflects the lighter side of life with the music mostly reflecting the darker side.

They release music on Deep Elm Records (USA), with whom they have so far had 2 releases. The first album In A Forest Without Trees (Sep 2009) which scored universal praise from the media, most notably Rock Sound and Metal Hammer who both gave them 8/10 reviews, and 'No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears' (Oct 2010) which saw the band completely reinvent themselves musically exploring darker tones, heavy riffs and varied time signatures as opposed to the generally mellow and more straight forward approach on the first album.
Their first album was recorded by the band themselves between October 2008 and March 2009 at Kendal College and at the bands own studio in Blackpool, not expecting anyone to ever really pay attention to them, the band released the album as a free download in May 2009. The demand was unexpected and the web servers hosting the album crashed after it received over 2000 downloads within 4 hours. Just as the band were looking for somewhere else to host the album they were offered a deal with Deep Elm in July 2008 and the album was officially re-released on 7 September 2009. The second album was released just a little over a year after the first and finds the band finally settling into a sound of their own and sounding a lot more like an instrumental band and less like a band without a singer. They still despise thier own band name though.

2011 has seen the band change line-up, they are currently holed away above the Blue Room pub in Blackpool writing new songs and trying to yet again re-invent thier sound.

Goonies Never Say Die were featured in Alternative Press Magazine as one of the 100 Bands You Need To Know in 2010 Feature. They have had songs featured on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 iPhone app and Teen Mom (MTV).

Barry Parkinson and Dan Kerr also play in the noisecore 3 piece 'Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons'.
Paul Kayley also plays guitar in the post-grunge band 'Makers Of Venice'.

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